Causes and treatments for Sudden Memory Loss

What is Sudden Memory Loss?

Sudden memory loss is usually due to stress or health issues. Most cases are usually mild but some may be severe. If you suspect there is a problem see your doctor right away and make sure the doctor does a full work including lab work. Once any physical reason for the sudden short term memory loss, you can do brain training exercises, join a group with people who have the same hobbies or exercise. Finding a way to lower your stress level should be the most important thing you do. Memory problems are not a normal part of aging so do not chalk it up to old age.

Short term memories refer to memories that last only a few minutes. So the first signs of sudden short term memory loss are forgetting people’s names that you are close with, forgetting a recent pleasant experience, putting things in strange places, unpredictable moods swings and decreased interest in activities. Information stored in the recent memory portion of your brain is things like how much coffee you drank for breakfast. Remember someone you just met is stored in short term memory and childhood memories are stored in the remote or long term portion of your brain. Aging only affects the recent memories and these changes are normal. What is not affected by aging is the short term and remote memories.

Sudden Memory Loss

Not remembering a word is just a momentary glitch and you most likely with a little time you will recall the word. While this type of lapse can be annoying it is not serious. It may become more common though. Things that can help you remember and keep you on time and organized. Keep a list and a detailed calendar, connect things in your brain by word association, follow a routine-most people already follow a daily routine but if you don’t, work out a schedule. Keep the items you use daily in one place, like you wallet and keys, when meeting a person for the first time repeat their name several times to yourself silently, keep you mind mentally healthy like crossword puzzles, word searches and read, physical exercising like a long gentle walk clears the mind and relaxes the brain.

Many things can cause memory loss like depression, dementia and more severe things like Alzheimer’s disease. Strokes, head injuries, alcoholism and some drug interactions cause other physical problems and memory loss. If your remembering affects your daily life then it is a problem. Temporarily forgetting names is not considered a problem however forgetting how to do something you have done all your life including yesterday is a problem. If the memory problem worsens with time then it is more than just being forgetful. Sometimes it is hard to figure out by yourself as you are trying to find a logical reason for the behavior. See a doctor and address the concerns you are having because there may be a simple answer to the recent events and memory loss. It could just be a matter of changing one of your medications or it could be depression. Either way your doctor can provide the help and care that is needed for your sudden memory loss.

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